Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lou's Bowling Blog returns!!

Lou's Bowling Blog Returns

From the first day of writing the blog I really enjoyed it.  It was fun to bust everyone's balls and chops (for women).  We had hours and hours of great fun.

Then the fun stopped when I got tendinitis, had a rotten time at the USBC in Las Vegas, bowled like crap for almost the entire year, got a new job that kept me busy, got sick of the shitty blogger software, it really blew and it all added up to losing interest.

We all know the USBC thing is taken care of and the annoying people will be less annoying, I switched to a 14lb ball, bowling better, in the groove at the job and now let the fun return!!

2010/11 Season Begins 9/1/10

Denny Peterson
The 2010/2011 Season is upon us and I can't believe that Denny Peterson will not be bowling this year.  What a pussy.  Says he can't compete...Denny was one of the best bowlers around at one time and he should be able to compete, maybe if he lost 100 pounds and got his knees replaced things would be better.  No Terry Caldwell either, taking a year off.  Great guy who will be missed, but I won't miss the ocasional B.O.  He needs to change deodorant.

And we won't have any Woody either, he is bowling at Classic with Jim Israel.  That is a big surprise to me.

And what is this shit that Dan Luncsford team did not want to return because of High Compression and their famous F' em up!  Now they are real pussy's.  Nice guys, but come on...this isn't a church is a league where me gather to swear, fart, gamble, drink, bowl and laugh.  Grow some testicles...(manscapped)

Questions Remain

As the season is about to begin I have questions, lots of questions.

Will Power to Spare repeat?  Will Waz n' Friends choke again?   How many thigh slaps per week will Dennis do?  How many times will Reinfart throw the ball, stomp his foot in anger and smash the hole?  How many times will PJ drop the ball?  How many three pin counts will Zaleski get?  How many cocktails will High Compression have each week?  How many times will Mike Kasten ask you how you are? Will Craig have the balls to fix the bartender situation?   F' no.  Marilyn has him by the  Maybe.  By how many boards will Matt Koljack miss a 3 pin?  How fat will Jeff Matza be?  How many OH MY Todds, will we hear?  How many times will Mike Ritti check his phone a night for messages?  How many words will Hugh say in a night?  How much new business has the beer "garden" generated?  When will be the last time Kenny Gorman washed his shirt, he makes Chad Weiss seem well groomed.  What will be the farthest that Rob Forshall will throw his ball down the lane after a ringing 7? How many times will George Roth and Mike Kass say F_ck?

B&I Starts 9/1/10
Yes, less than 2 weeks and the madness on River Road begins.  Let's all hope for fun year, healthy ball busting, good debates and have Lou's team win the league and have Waz n Friends come in last place.

Now for all of bitches that complained about no blog, well...IT'S BACK MO FO'S!!


  1. Wow, the blog returns and the VP of B&I already has a major incorrect fact..."Will Waz 'N Friends repeat?"...repeat what? A major collapse in the playoffs again? I do believe Power To Spare won last year.

  2. Mistake questions about Kenny "Kingpin" Gorman are needed...he isn't bowling this season.

  3. How is that a mistake you douche...I assumed that he is coming back...did you grab his ass too often?

  4. I actually believe that louis just copied and pasted that part from last years post. i will look and see.

  5. Will Lou and the douche-bags repeat missing the play-offs again?


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