Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun and free-loaders

Mike and Tommy (100 pounds ago)
Personally, besides the fact that the bald headed douche dropped my phone and put a major gash in the side of it, I had fun last night bowling our pot games.

Lots of laughs, plenty of bitching by 9 team Wazy and Rob, Mike threw his new ball pretty well and Dennis was in a good mood.  Reinfart was not annoying, for a change.

But what slays everyone is all of the free-loaders that are bowling practice.  Not one of those guys gives any business to RRB...maybe fat ass Tommy, who probably spends more at the snack bar than anywhere else.  But the other guys...where do they bowl at?  Why are they free-loading?

More fine service from Will...

We start for real next week and hopefully, we will have a good turn-out.  Thanks to Craig for his fine recruiting efforts, nice job.


  1. What the hell does " plenty of bitching by 9 team Wazy and Rob" mean

  2. First night of bowling and nothing...highly disappointed Lou...already losing the passion or are you too depressed because i dropped your phone...Happy belated b-day you d-bag!


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