Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coors Light Mens National League LIGHT ON TEAMS

Coor's Light League, light on teams

We had our meeting last night for the Coor's Light Monday National league at River Rand Bowl and the league is down to 9 teams. 

Now that blows.  And when the Coor's light people find out that Butt Reamers team is not returning, (a team that alone drank a couple of cases of Coor's light a night) they are going to shart.  

Blame it on the economy, blame it on the house, blame it on Marilyn, but only 9 teams is getting serious.  Let's hope that a miracle can happen in the next 3 weeks and we can get some more teams.  


  1. At only 9 teams, i think it would be best to cancel the league...move the teams to Wednesday and call it a day...

  2. I must agree with the bald guy. Not only will the league blow, pots would be almost extinct. I know only 2 of my 4 would even be able to be run. King w/cap and possibly clean.I can almost see us losing a team or 2 by the time we start, sometime mid-october.

  3. Let's talk about this tomorrow because I don't want to waste my time on Monday with the baby coming...

  4. You guys are over reacting...lets see how it all play out. You big douchers...

  5. 9 teams is not "getting serious" ... that's called walking down the hall of death row on the way to the electricution chair.


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