Friday, October 9, 2009

Wazy's Rant

What the hell is with the guy who runs the pots on Mondays?

I did my normal walk up and down the lanes checking the Instant Clean and payed off William on an awesome 6 clean. About the end of the first game, I told Sip that William won it with 6. OOOPS, It turns out that Sip was still clean, I must be getting old or maybe I need to take a longer look next time. After approaching William to tell him of the mistake, he once again showed how much of a stand up guy he truly is. He made no qualms about the mistake at all. At least not to me, I would understand if he joked about it behind my back but I don't believe he did. I know Kevin on Sip's team was having a blast at my expense, every time I went past their lanes the little bastard had something to say. Now to make things almost worse, I screwed up William's score for the final of King of the Hill. Sip once again corrected me on that one. I was off by 2 pins and it didn't matter for position, so not that bad.

For my defense I will have to blame it all on Rob. I beleive a reflection came off his head and blurred my vision for a while. It could have been Kev's head also, he was hanging out by my pair also. Or maybe it was the whopping 122 shot by Rev's that threw me off my game. Anyway, I will do my best to get scores right from now on and give Kevin on Sips team at least a 2 week run on taking free shots at me.

That's all I got for now,


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