Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posting

1973 NJCAA Champions - Nassau Community College

Some people are wondering about the lack of Blog Posts...well I do have reasons:

I have been busy with a new job, My Grandmother passed away last Sunday (has been sick for 2 months), my elbow has severe Tendonitis, so I am bowling like shit and I have bowled in the BBT 1 time this year...coming in last place.

So in result, that blogging passion is not there.  I have not shot a deuce this year, (dropped a few though), my team on Wednesday blows, (thanks to me) I missed 2 weeks because of the flu, have gotten into few pots, and quite frankly, I am not having any bowling fun.

So please understand...we will be back...but I have to get the PASSION back before I can get back on the ole Blog horse.

If anyone wants to buy, let's talk...


  1. Hey Douchebag,
    Mel Gibson just called me and was wondering how much fcking "PASSION" it takes to update the fcking blog. I guess the University of Maryland forgot to teach you how to step up like a man and create. Yeah, I said create you lazy ass bastard.

  2. Congrats to Waz on winning the BBT last night. Once he found his line, he was unstoppable.

    This BBT update has been brought to you by the Window Lickers Association of America where Lou is not only the association chairman, he is also a client.


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