Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lou's Bowling Blog to return

Blog Master 

lousbowling blog has been on a short recess.  We will be back later this weekend,...thanks for your patience.

Lou V.


  1. zzzz, zzzzz, zzzzzz,

    Somebody wake me up when the douche-bag finally updates.

  2. So glad that I gave you the pot wrap up sheets this past week. Maybe by Christmas your extended
    weekend might be over huh?

  3. Anyone want to tell Lou that weekends are not 1 month long. I guess that very demanding 25 hour work week makes you lose track of time. Oh yeah,
    saying you are going to update the blog, does not actually count as an update, douchebag!

  4. Which weekend were you talking about dickhead?!?!?!


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