Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kev's Korner Returns

Kev's Korner is back by popular demand...minus the popular part...and now that I think about it, minus the demand part too. Either way, since the blogmaster has been M.I.A. with spankitis and loss of passion, I figured I would start filling in for him again, as once before.

There is plenty to talk about between BBT, B&I, Coor's Light Mondays, some random junk and Kev's 10 Predictions of the Week.

So sit back, relax, and be ready to read...probably read a lot...ok...a crap load of reading. I talk a lot I get it. Just be patient with me. I'll get to the good stuff here in a second. I just want to explain the talking a lot thing. Eh...nevermind, yall will dose off so I will just get to the subjects at hand.

We're 9 weeks into the season and we've had plenty of captain's meetings and now some more complaints. This time it's about High Compression's loudness and swearing. Here's my view point on the subject, both as an Officer and a bowler I guess. Their team loves to have fun, it's a men's league and most importantly it's a bowling center. If people aren't able to have fun and be loud in a bowling center then where else are they supposed to do it? There is no USBC rule that says what they are doing is against the rules. With that said, both President Waz and myself have asked them to keep the swearing to a minimum and to tame down how many times the explosions of emotion happen. I still think that team camaraderie like that is more than ok. If you've ever gone to a college bowling tournament every single team does that almost every single frame of every single game of every single tournament.

One more thing on that...the more you get bugged by someone doing something like that, the more they are probably going to do it. It's just like telling a little kid that it's annoying when they tap you on the shoulder all the time...they'll probably continue to do it...and probably more often.

As always, if any league members have a problem with anything at all about the league or anything that is in anyway related to the league, please bring it to the attention of any of the officers. The President/VP/Sec/Treasurer chat very often about things that are going on within the league. Some of them are extremely minor and others need a lengthly discussion. Either way, we were voted on by the bowlers, so we are there to do our best for them.

What is up with this? A lot of our regulars from last year are missing this year. Some have work schedules that no longer make it feasible, some live too far, and there are a bunch of other reasons. No matter which way you look at it, it sucks right now. We barely have enough bowlers to bowl each week and keep this going. The people that bowl each week really want to keep it going too. We invite anyone interested in bowling to come. Please also recruit bowlers that may be interested. The way the points systems are setup, someone doesn't have to bowl the entire season to have a chance at the top of the standings. Joining this late in the season is no problem at all. It's a good time, even when Lou isn't around to entertain us. It's a friendly atmosphere, with everyone cheering each other on. It is still competitive though. We all want to win. I'm not sure what else to say other than BOWL DAMMIT! :-)

With so few bowlers we have had a lot of multiple winners. However, no one person has bowled really well across the entire season, so it's been really competitive. Both the regular points and the Bowler of the Year points are extremely tight. The number of eligible bowlers for the End of Season tournament is growing and the prize fund for it as well.

I often get sidetracked that late at night, so I may or may not have congratulated all the winners the actual week they bowled, so if I missed you then here's your congratulations. We've had winners this year that are barely out of junior leagues and old folks that are a year or two away from a retirement home. So far in our Jrs. VS Srs. tournament the Senior winner has turned out to beat the Juniors winner. All ages and sexs are invited. That includes Lou's sex...ugh, Lou and sex in the same sentence...I don't suggest anyone trying to say that. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

I don't know much of what to say here. However, there is one thing that I always have to throw my two cents in on. Sandbagging. There may not be a bigger pet peave of mine when it comes to league bowling. There is still an extremely large problem with this in this league. There are many minor solutions that will help minimize the problem. Annoyingly, some of these suggestions have been suggested for years...including from myself when I was in the league and even when I wasn't. If this league is to grow, I think that is the absolute main focus the officers and commited bowlers need to take a look at.

Someone...hire me!!! I really, really need a job.

Lou...get your elbow fixed, so that you can bowl better, so that you can have fun, so that we can have more fun. Oh yeah, so you can bowl the BBT too. and you by the bike racks on Wednesday.

Cesar's team...stop having your ticket pulled for the strike pot and then winning it. Let the damn thing build up so there's more excitement. My goal is for it to get to $200,000,000 like the lottery did a couple weeks ago.

Craig...service please...still. League officers and bowlers are past the end of their rope on patientcy.

Cohen's are now required to not miss any weeks. You kill all the pots when you miss.


Mike D....hi.

1) Lou will bowl in the BBT again at some point in the season.

2) Within the last 5 weeks of the BBT, there will be at least 5 bowlers with a chance at winning the points title and at least 3 bowlers with a chance to win Bowler of the Year.

3) We will have another captain's meeting this year and Cesar will throw a chair at someone during the meeting.

4) High Compression's team will write a petition to the league officers to require each team to drink and yell as much as they do so they are no longer the outcasts, and are then the norm.

5) Lou will shoot his first 200 of the season in game 2, two weeks from yesterday. It will be a 209. And he'll have 1 open and it will be in the 8th frame. In that same game he will say, "I'm on &#!%ing fire!!!"

6) Next week Matt Koljack will say exactly 99 words on the mic throughout the night...when summed up by a translator...he could have said 25 of those words and accomplished the same result.

7) Someone will win the 30 clean within the next two weeks.

8) The sun will rise tomorrow and it will rain somewhere in South America.

9) I will win the Mega Millions on Friday and give each of my friends $10,000. Anyone want to sign-up for my friend list? I'm making out my list now, so I don't have to think of it on Saturday.

10) My last and final prediction is...A bowler with an 'A' or 'E' or 'O' in their first name will be one of the partners to win this week's first ever BBT Doubles Major.

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  1. Great Post Kev. One point about High Compression. Best thing to happen to Wednesday. Every time they yell f'ck em up, I smile.

    This isn't a country club or a church is a bunch of degenerate men getting together to drink, gamble, socialize and recreate.

    The more f_ck em up the better


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