Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coors Light National Bowling League Begins

Thanks Coors Light for the Sponsorship
you will not be sorry...

Well, we are thrilled to have Coors Light as our sponsor this year…lousbowlingblog.com thanks you…and let's make sure we drink lots of Coors Light.

The season is off and running. Felt bad for Sip and Company, Battersby, Kevin the Pollock, Ryan and Kyle …as Lou and the Leisure welcomed them to the league with a good old A$$ kicking…Sip shot well, but Ryan is still struggling with his new equipment, Battersby was ok, Kevin the Pollock hasn't bowled in six months and couldn't believe how much "hand" Kyle VanZant had…he had to use a 40 year old Manhattan Rubber ball to keep the ball on the left side (he is a lefty)…and the lanes weren't hooking…it is going to be a long year for him.

Looks like all of the teams returned and he have 2 new teams…Bowlers ER looks like they will finally have 5 guys who show up…and welcome back to Melvin…have you seen his blue Dodge Charger? He has it "pimped" up real nice…with some new wheels and it is super clean, he must wash that car every two hours.

Pots started last night, scratch at least and here are the winners:

Instant Clean

George Revs


King Scratch

George Revs




3rd Game Scratch

Tony Major?


George Revs


We are off on Labor Day and bowling begins in earnest on September 14, 2009


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