Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another 299 scratch pots begin...

Another 299 Wednesday by John King, Jr. the scratch pots began and we are off and running.

It takes a few weeks for everyone to get back into the swing of a 35 week league, but it seemed to me that there is excellent chemistry in the B&I league. Lots of new faces, so it will take a bit to get to know everyone, but I have to say, there are way better bowlers this year.

The scratch pots had at least double the normal amount and it is only the second week. Plus with more teams the handicap pots should also be gigantic. Wonder what King of the Hill will yield? Should know is a few weeks.

Note - My team, the LouDoo's are 0-14...ooops.

Here are the pot winners:

High Game of the Night Scratch
Dan Luncsford
High Game scratch 3rd game
Dan Luncsford
King Scratch
Gary Burian

Curt Uidl

Paul Bober
Series Scratch
Gary Burian

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