Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Doubles ends Tuesday

Another great season
I really like the Summer Doubles league at River Rand Bowl. Every year it is very competitive and since most of the bowlers who bowl in the summer are "hard core bowlers" they really want to be there and truly enjoy themselves.

This year, we once again have great mix of characters...the un-likely team of an 82 year old phenom, Hugh and Keith to some really good shooting lefties, Carter, Gary, Russ, Wally (yes Wally), 2 recent PBA Regional champs, Mike Steil and Andy Loose and all of the others.

It is great to see the father and son teams, a team of brothers, long time teammates, Bill/Kasten, Lou/Matt, Wally/Glenn, dating couples, Andy/Sarah, Mark K and Ann, married couple Rob and Agatha and life long friends shooting together.

As the season wraps up, I want to thank all of you for bowling this summer and look forward to doing it again next May...

Lou V.


  1. Shouldn't you and Matt be under the dating couple category? Nice picture, what I really like is the dork sack around your waste. What is the Mrs. making you carry? Your balls maybe?
    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wazy, you are an anus. A big, non-manscaped one.

  4. **everybody read this before it gets deleted**

    Lou, let me get this straight. You let some A-HOLE posing as someone else write whatever he wants about your friends and you think it's acceptable. But when I read your comment and have a great comeback,all in the name of fun, all of a sudden my comment is totally gone and your initial comment has been deleted or changed. What's next, change the name to Baracks Blog??

  5. FA Wazy...they got erased by accident. Get over it...beee atch...\ / !!


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