Friday, August 28, 2009

Monday Mens National Bowling League begins Monday

New Logo for the Monday Mens National League

Well Monday Madness will be beginning starting 8/31/09 (my birthday) and all of the Idiots are back.

Welcome to Sip, Ryan, the big Douche Kevin Iwanicki, and others. You guys are in for a good time.

All of the teams are returning and we have 2 new ones, so that is good...we were teetering on the edge there for a while, but we made it and will continue to prosper.

Welcome back one and all and see you Monday.


  1. Monday Mens "Coors Light" National, hell they gave us money man, at least include them from now on. See ya on Monday ya big douche.

  2. It's Lou's b-day today! Did you receive your social security check since it is your 65th birthday today? Happy b-day you big an_s!


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