Friday, August 14, 2009

B&I News

The B&I kick-off meeting was held Wednesday, August 12th. The feedback from all of the captains and officers was great. I think everything went real well and everyone had some great ideas. Thank you everyone for coming. Here are some of the highlights/updates.

We will be having a 35 week season this year. The format will be three 11 week trimesters and 2 weeks of playoffs. The playoff system has changed to week 34 semifinals and week 35 finals.

The most important update is that we are at 23 teams. That means we are one short of filling the house and receiving the $1000 incentive for doing so. If anyone has a team that is interested please contact an officer as soon as possible. Don't forget, you will also receive an incentive of your own by bringing in a team...$50.

One last reminder to all of the team captains...
There will be a meeting before bowling on Wednesday, August 26th. I need to hand out a lot of documents, go over a couple last minute things and draw for team numbers. We need all team captains there at 7:00pm. Bowling will start not long after the meeting, at 7:30pm.

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