Thursday, August 27, 2009

B&I 2009/2010 Season Begins

B&I Kicks off the Season

22 teams, lots of new faces, much stronger bowlers and we are off and running. Special thanks to Kevin Reinfart, man is he organized…in a previous life he must have been a Gestapo in the German army. No fooling around with him. Great, excellent, outstanding job organizing, executing and growing the league.

A few good stories last night, Dan Goldstein shot 299. Had the first 10 solid, then goes Brooklyn in the 11th for a strike and then leaves a shaky half hit 7 pin in the 12th. Spanked it good. George Roth, a solid 175 bowler had the first 9…he said he was so nervous in the 10th that he almost wet himself. The LouDoo's shot against Paul Bobers new team. A real bunch of classy guys. And man are they good…

Waz n' Friends were not so friendly after they got their monkeys spanked by Dan Luncsford/Jim LaCroix and company. George Mascio is back … shooting 275.

Otherwise, the first night has lots of distractions but it looks like this is going to be a great season.

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  1. Lou, thank you for all of the compliments. I do what I can to keep everything as organized as possible.

    I have about 50% German in me, so does that help you in your investigation of my previous life?


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