Monday, August 24, 2009

B&I Starts Wednesday 8.24.09

B&I 2009/2010 Season begins Wednesday 8.26.09

24 Teams, more scratch bowlers and the return of all of the great guys should make the 2009/2010 season for the B&I Wednesday Night Mens bowling league one of the best ever.

Thanks to the most excellent leadership of Secretary Kevin R. the rules have been tweaked (for the better) the playoff system changed...FINALLY and the league should be a great time.

This blog will highlight the characters, idiots, high scores, oddities and weekly activities of the league. Sometimes it is complementary, other times, your balls will be busted.

Let's keep it all in good fun and avoid the hissy fits of the past. If you don't want to be mentioned...let me know...

Can't wait for Wednesday.


  1. We are actually down to 23 teams again. Kev and Craig are trying very hard to get the 24th but it just doesn't look good. On a good note though, Kev and Craig have found bowlers for the teams who were missing a couple. Sorry about bustin your chops last week Lou, it just seemed you needed a little kick in the ass to make this blog fun again.

  2. That's ok Wizzy. You seemed to be manstrating, or going through manopause...

    I didn't realize it was so easy to have people register. You just send them an email and walla!

    What's up with the 23 teams?


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