Friday, July 31, 2009

Wazys' Rant Returns!

WHAT THE HELL IS WITH absolutely nothing?!?!

All is quiet at the bowling center for now, I am sure once the season gets going I will have plenty to talk about. For those of you who are new to RRB let me welcome you aboard. My name is Scott Wastyn (aka) WAZY or WAZ. As the President of the Wednesday mens league let me encourage all of you to contact me if there is ever a problem with other bowlers or concerns regarding the bowling center. In the past, whether written on The Rant or discussions with Kevin and Craig, we usually can come up with a solution to aid any disturbance we have. Once I get to know all of you better, and figure out what kinda sense of humor you have, don't be surprised to see your name up on The Rant. People who are off limits to me commenting on are, big Jim L. and Kurt U. Both are awesome guys and both could probably do some pretty good damage to yours truly. I look forward to seeing all the captains, new and old, at the meeting on the 12th.

That's all I got,

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