Sunday, May 10, 2009

BBT Tournament of Champions set for Wednesday 5/13/09

BBT TOC Wednesday - 8:30PM

The 2008/2009 Winter BBT Season is in the books and all that remains is the Tournament of Champions.

Qualifying for the tournament are as follows: BBT Champions Mike Ritti, Kevin Reinfart, PJ, Andy Loose, Mikie D, Rob D, Paul Bober, Wazy, Tommy G., Dan L and point qualifiers, Lou V and Grandpa D.

Congrats to Justine, Kenny H, Mike Marshak, Sarah, Rob F Roger and Tommy Smith on their single wins and congrats to good sport and 2 time champ Ryan. Sorry you didn't have enough weeks to qualify.

The format will have added $$ and will have this format:

Round #1:
- 3 games across 3 pair of lanes
- Cut the field to 8 (1 match-play game if there is a tie on the cut)
Round #2:
- Pins from round 1 do not carryover
- Bonus pins are given to start round #2 based on qualifying positions:
· 1st: 20
· 2nd: 12
· 3rd: 8
· 4th: 4
- Seed the bowlers according to qualifying:

- Bowlers will keep the same letter for the entire round
- Bowl 3 match-play games according to the following schedule:

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
A vs. H
A vs. G
A vs. F
B vs. G
B vs. E
B vs. H
C vs. F
C vs. H
C vs. E
D vs. E
D vs. F
D vs. G
The higher seeded bowler from Round #1 gets lane choice each game.
- 10 bonus pins for winning your match
- 5 bonus pins for each bowler if there is a tie
- Cut to top 4 bowlers (1 match-play game if there is a tie on the cut)
Round #3:
- Step-ladder finals
- The round #2 leader chooses the pair that all games will be bowled on
- Incoming bowlers get 1 ball of practice on each lane before their game
- Ties are broken with a 9th & 10th frame roll-off (20% handicap used)

Extra points as follows:

Regular Season final points positions:
· 1st: 32
· 2nd: 28
· 3rd: 24
· 4th: 20
· 5th:16
· 6th:12
· 7th: 8
· 8th: 4
- Regular season wins:
· 2 pins per win

See you there.

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