Thursday, May 14, 2009

Andy Loose Wins BBT TOC, Dennis Second!!!

TOC Runner Up Dennis R with Champion Andy Loose

The BBT Tournament of Champions, (to be renamed the BBT Invitational next year) had many twists and turns, moments of drama, and in the end the Championship game was a soap opera-like match-up.

Here we have a 50+ (way plus) year old bowler who did not win a BBT tournament this year, struggled most weeks, had a million bad breaks during the season, missing qualifying by a pin or two way too often, versus 1 time champion, PBA Regional up and comer, Andy Loose who was only spotting Dennis 12 pins since Andy had many a bad night in the BBT.

That was kind of taking a hungry lion, throwing him in the Roman Coliseum and having Dennis Run around the ring trying to not get a hunk of ass bitten off by Loose the Lion.

But the outcome for Dennis was not the point…the point is that he made it to the finals and came in second in a grueling, 9 game format and lost to a great bowler, Andy Loose.

Details to follow:

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  1. How long do we have to wait for details...


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