Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waz N' Friends Wins

Waz N' Friends wins - Pictured is Tommy, Grandpa D, Wazy, PJ, Mike and Rob D.

The Wednesday Business and Industry Leagues' playoff systems sucks, but it is was it is so here goes with the details, (sorry for the delay).

The winners of each 3rd, Waz N' Friends, Manzo's Rest. and Power to Spare all qualified along with the Loudoo's, Lou's team for the finals. Waz NF and LouDoo's were in one match and the second match had Power to Spare Versus Manzo's Rest.

Each match was a 2 game total pins winner advances. In the Waz NF versus Loudoos, the first match was close, with the LouDoo's winning by 19 pins. Thought it was going to be a blowout because PJ had nothing and Dennis was startting to self destruct early and Mike, Rob and Wazy had nothing...don't know if it was nerves bowling against the LouDoo's or the lanes were tough or what..but Dennis got composed and closed with a 6 bagger to make the match close.

In game 2, Waz N Friends bowled like a championship team should and pounded the shi! out of the LouDoo's ultimately winning the match 2109 to 1998...Dennis and PJ carried them to victory.

In the other match, it was also close after the first game with Power to Spare and Manzo's within 15 pins of each other. But match two was a different story...with Manzo's absolutely collapsing and Power to Spared blew past them by 255 pins!!! 2307 to 2052...a true A$$ kicking.

This set up the final match and it was pretty un-eventful as Waz N Friends easily beat Power to Spare 1123 to 1007 and Manzo's beat the LouDoo's 1136 to 1039, almost 100 pins to clinch 4th.
Congrats to Wazy, PJ, Dennis, Rob and Mike R on their win and congrats to the other finishers as well.

Wednesday's Business and Industry has become the premier league at River Rand Bowl and I have to admit, it is my favorite league that I have bowled in my life. No A-Holes, a bunch of great guys, very competitive, great pots, expertly run by Kevin Reinfart and all in all a great time. Looks like we are going to have 24 teams next year...that would be pretty cool.

Have a great summer and the Tuesday Doubles Starts next week.

All pots were double and I missed a bunch of scores...but nobody really are the last night winners:

Handicap King Score
George Roth 274
Todd Cohen 263
Jack Weelma 214

Scratch King



Mike Kasten 30

3rd Scratch
Slater 256

Todd Cohen 689

Pins Over

Strike Pot
Reinfart 6

High Game of Night Handicap
Mike Delmonico 283
George Roth 274
George Roth 271


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