Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday Madness - The Grumbling and discontent begins

The Blind Squirrel found a nut - in fact 4 nuts

No matter how low your average is, the blind Squirrel does indeed find a nut every once in a while as proven Monday by Pat King...he swept doubles. Pat is a great guy, funny, fun loving but as a bowler...well he sucks. But last night the only thing that sucked was his wallet sucking in the dough.

Congrats to Pat, you deserved it. Speaking of deserving it, the natives are getting restless as the shot continues to be different each and every week and I am starting to hear lots of grumbling about NOT COMING BACK NEXT YEAR.

Now this league only has 12 teams and if we lose any more...the end could be near. The consensus of who I talked to is as follows:

1. Why put out such a hard shot? Trying to keep the doubles pot rich is costing the survival of the league.
2. Why is the shot different every night? Can't you just set the machine to program #x and keep it there?
3. This is a league of 15 good bowlers out of 60...why cater to the whims of one team? We all come out here to have fun and hopefully shoot well and have some fun, but this year has been a constant struggle for lots of people.
4. Yeah Wazy is going to comment that "you should just adjust" blah, blah, blah, but some of us don't want a challenge and don't know how to adjust.

Craig and league officers this is getting serious...do damage control TODAY!!!

On a lighter note...Tommy Reeeeemer should get the customer of the year award. Man is that guy a GREAT customer...and a generous one too.

Was the moon full last night? Reeeeemers team was a full tilt last night...SHOT?

Scores were very low and where was Bowlers ER? Not one guy out of 7 showed up! What is that about?

Here are the winners from Last Night:

Handicap King Score
Rob D 237
Mark England 233
Henry Winkler 232

Scratch King
Rob D 208
Reeeeemer 198

Pat King/Mark England 532
Pat King/Ed King 526
Pat King/Steve Turkey 503
Pat King/Henry Winkler 500

? ?

3rd Scratch
George Revs Jr 230
Rob D 208


  1. The definition of Board of Directors is President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and all the team captains. If you think there is a problem and want to do something about it you call a captains meeting anytime you want. Saying something on a blog that Craig rarely reads isn't going to do anything. Saying it to one officer may not do anything as well. You have every right to call a captains meeting and discuss your worries.

  2. Disband the league on Monday Night, send over five teams to Wednesday Night and than Craig can make Mondays a half price bowling night. It works pretty good for the White Sox. Free wings and $2.00 beers in the bar wouldn't hurt either!


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