Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday Madness - Playoffs start next week

Shoots 144 the first game 264 the second - Almost sweeps doubles

Well it all started in August and now it ends in April and 4 teams remain in contention for the Monday Men's National league title at River Rand Bowl.

Congrats to Gump for winning the one game roll-off last night. Speaking of the Kings...poking fun at Pat King, saying that he blows as a bowler, is all in fun...so if anyone took offense to that, please don't. He admits it himself that he blows.

Last night re-cap. No Tommy Reeeemer, went to the Cubs game on a beautiful 35 degree, grey, windy and rainy day. How fun do you think that was? Sitting in the rain, freezing your nuts off, watching minor League Baseball at the worst sports stadium in the country....I just don't get it. What am I missing?

Without Tommy, much quiter last night...Craig was his ususual self, a douche and the scores stayed moderate,

The man from the south of the border, won the century plus 20 award for shooting 144 the first game and 264 the second. What's that about? Good ball change? Or something else...

Here are the pot scores:

Handicap King Score
Lou V 239
Gimena 227
Linker/Ryan Briscoe 221
Scratch King
Mark Orlow 226
Ryan Briscoe 201
Chalupa/Gimena 541
Chalupa and Al Brown 528
Chalupa and Jack W 518
Gimena/Roger Nagle 510
Lou V 11
3rd Scratch
Mark Orlow 226
Chalupa 217

Playoffs begin next week...best of luck to the participants...

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