Monday, April 6, 2009

Mike Scroggins Wins US Open, Barnes Robbed

Mike Scroggins Wins PBA US Open

Randy Pederson and Rob Stone kept saying that Mike Scroggins doesn't get the respect he deserves and that may be so, but why is that?

Sunday, he wins the US Open, $100,000 grand and beats the great Norm Duke, but they kept talking about his no respect.

Well look at the guy...he looks like a bad cartoon character and he has the personality of the last deuce the neighborhood dog dropped. He is almost as bad as the Lezbo's that make the show when the ladies bowl.

Ugh...poor Chris Barnes, needs a strike to win the match or / x to tie, leaves a stone 8 and then a half hit 10. Adios Mr. Barnes

Ameletto, boy it would have been cool if he won, great tournament for the former great and Richie Wolfe, 342 tournaments without a win...and oh so close...

Boy how hard was the shot when Duke looked really bad...I mean he missed by lots...

The PBA tour is done for the year...I will miss it sort of ... lets hope they ban all of the ugly chicks from bowling next year and just put the Hot ones on the show...

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