Thursday, April 23, 2009

Loudoo's and Power to Spare make it to the finals

Art Preus "The Hybrid" Powered the LouDoo's to the Wild Card Win

In my 40+ years of bowling I have seen lots of twists and turns when it comes to who is going to win a league, but Wednesday was certainly one of the more interesting possible finishes ever.

Since the first 2 teams in the standings already had won a third the third place finisher would win the last 3rd.

With that in mind, 4 different teams could have done that, additionally, 4 teams had a shot at the Wild Card.

Thus 5 different teams could have advanced to the playoffs next week. Ultimately, Wazy's boys did not sweep and Power to Spare pounded Ozone Rubes, King and His Court Lost the first 2 to Kitchen Bath and More leaving the LouDoo's, ultimately in good shape.

After Bobby Sanders missed a 4/7 in the 10th...(something I have never seen before) to lose the game by 7 pins, the LouDoo's recovered and won the last 2 games in the 10th to seal the Wild Card Victory. Thanks to Art Preus for his great bowling in the last few months.

Wow...what a finish. Next week it is Waz-N-Friends against the LouDoo's in an EPIC game one battle and Manzo's versus Reinfarts Power to Spare...should be a classic battle...and a ton of fun...

Pot Winners

Handicap King Score
Alan Weisman 253
Mike Ritti 228
Mike Delmonico 226

Scratch King
Reinfart 242
Mike Ritti 222


?? 19

3rd Scratch
Mike Kasten 278
Dan L 726

Pins Over

Strike Pot
Dan L 7

High Game of Night Handicap
Denny P 259
Ray Jenkins 257
Rob Forshall/Alan Weisman 253


  1. Congratulations to all the teams that made the playoffs next week. Good Luck and may the best team win.

  2. No I did not...please resend.


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