Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cage Match tonight - LouDoo's versus Wizzy and Friends - Manzo's versus Power to spare

Battle Royal Tonight at River Rand Bowl

The final night is here and the Championship shoot out for the B&I Wednesday Bowling League at River Rand Bowl is upon us. It is easily one of the best fields in years to compete in the finals and it WILL BE A GREAT NIGHT.

Here is the rundown:

There will be two 2 game matches between the winners of each 3rd and the Wild card. The 2 teams with the highest pin fall will bowl against each other in a one game match for the Championship. Let's look at my perspective on tonight's matches.

Waz N' Friends Versus LouDoo's

This match will be a grudge match...period. Put them in the cage and let them duke it out. The match ups look like this:
  1. Wazy vs. Joe - Wazy has no pins of handicap and Joe is bowling better this year...could be close
  2. PJ Vesus Matt - No contest...Matt will blow away PJ
  3. Rob Versus Art - Rob's wrist is hurting and Art is bowling very well...Toss UP
  4. Dennis Versus Mark Kraut - If the Denpins are in play...forget about it. Kraut is shooting well, edge Kraut
  5. Mike R Versus Bobby Sanders (Lou is on the disabled list) - Even
Team spirit - Edge goes to Waz N' Friends, but Lou has been resting his voice and one thing for will be loud. Who wins? Toss up!

Manzo's versus Power to Spare - Now this will be a good match. They both have excellent teams and the match will go as follows:
  1. Bill Switalski versus Nick Kurz - Bill should pound Grey Poupon Head, Nick is a psycho and Bill is as steady as can be
  2. Ken Gorman versus Jason Slater - Slight edge to Kenny, but Jason can shoot numbers every once is a while. Edge goes to Gorman.
  3. Hugh Shorey versus Matt Jentel - Could you find a bigger contrast than this? 80+ year old Hugh versus 20+ mile per hour Jentel...this will be like the Turtle versus the Hare, with the Turtle winning the race...edge to Hugh.
  4. Mike Kasten Versus Craig Slater - Wow...what a great Toss UP
  5. Brian Fritz versus Kevin Reinhardt - Interesting match up. Fritz can shoot but he is such a douche that the Karma in the building will propel Reinfart to shoot 800 against him. Edge Reinfart.
Who wins - Power to Spare

Finals - Who wins? Tune in tomorrow.


  1. WTF! No prediction. Smart move not to give anybody any bulletin board material.

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  4. I was going to make a prediction, but let's just enjoy the event as it is!


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