Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BarFlys win Monday Mens National League - Bojan Insurance Second

2009 Monday Mens National Champions Sal, Hal, Gary, George and Chris MatzaBall

Nice end to the league last night as Matzas' BarFlys upset Bojan Insurance to win the 2008/2009 Mens National league at River Rand Bowl Monday. Game one was close, but the MatzaBalls, pounded the pee out of Bojan the second game, winning by over 125 pins to decisively win the league. Great going, nice to see a non super-power win for a change.

Thanks to Secretary James, the league will have a sponsor next year, with lots of added Cash it looks like at least 11 of the 12 teams will be returning and we should add more. At the meeting we decided that the summer meeting will feature a vote on shot, pots, point system and other issues to avoid the dreaded SandBagging issue that has plagued this league for years. A great step forward.

Thanks to James, Sue/Mark England and King WooHoo, (Pat King) and B Reemer for their service this year. And best of luck the Englands on their secretary/treasurer role for next year and congrats on Tommy and Pat's re-election.

The mystery pot went for over 10 weeks and what wins? A 1 5 8!!! And it wasn't split, with Mark Kraut winning lots of dough...good for him since he is on my team and has been screwed often this year in the 10th when he needed a strike to cash.
The doubles pot ran all three games...and all of the other pots were doubled.

Here are the results:

Handicap King Score
Bill Swit 226
Mike Hall 223
Pete Solt 219
Scratch King
George Revs 172
Cesar 161
Doubles Game 1
Cesar/Al Brown 522
Cesar/Rob D 507
Sal/Al Brown 507
Cesar/Missing Linker 496
Doubles Game 2
The MatzaBalls 525
Missing Linker/C Matza 513
Frankie B/Chris Matza 511
Jeff Matza/Pete Solt 510
Doubles Game 3
Ed Sr/Ed Jr. 508
Al Brown/Missing Linker 490
Jim Saffold/George Revs Sr. 487
Gimena/Al Brown 486
Missing Linker/Gimena 486
Bill Swit 17
3rd Scratch
Frankie B 219
Maxi-Pad 195

Lou's Comments
- Fun year this year, got to know more of the guys and enjoyed bowling with the new team of Jack Weelma, Henry Winkler, Al Brown...good guys (if you don't count the bagging). Will miss the Nagles but they are coming to Wednesday, so I will still see their ugly mugs each week.

How many drinks did Tommy Reeeeeeemer buy for people this year? I have to say, he is one generous guy. And he pulled a real class act Monday when he had Mike Lease run doubles...some people are just givers and not takers...Like I said to him yesterday, Tommys' parents should be proud.

Really happy that my team is returning, as we really have a lot
of laughs and fun on Mondays. Also good to see that the Kings had a change of heart and are returning, what's with Bowlers ER? They have 7 guys on the team and rarely have a full turnout?

And finally thanks to Craig Korous, for his generosity and not raising bowling next year...plus, even though he is a douche, we all really enjoy having a fun place to go to.

Like I tell my friends, River Rand Bowl is my Country Club, who needs Medinah when you have River Rand. The only difference between the two is of course golf versus bowling, but you have the same things, manly bonding, drinking, gambling, swearing, playing a game you love all at a fraction of the cost. And best of all you don't have any stuck up anus's wearing pink pants and a sweater wrapped around their shoulders, rather ratty jeans and a ripped shirt. How great is that.

Thanks for reading the blog and see you all in August and thanks for a great season.

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  1. You know I couldn't let your last Monday blog go untouched. River Rand to Medinah? River Rand to, let's say, Lake O'peka, that's more like it. Besides, I have seen uglier outfits from Manzo's than I have ever seen on the links, not to mention that little number Paul Pahlke showed up in one night.The only difference would then be the stuck up part and that is right on the head.


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