Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Weeks left for the 2008/2009 BBT Winter Season

Lots at stake as the BBT Continues 4/15/09

The final spots in the T.O.C are up for grabs and Bowler of the Year honors awaits as the BBT enters its' final 2 weeks of the 2008/2009 winter season.

It is Lou Versus Dennis for the non-winner points race the Bowler of the Year is truly up for grabs. With 4 three time winners and multiple 2 time winners who could be three or 4 time winners, nothing is decided yet.

Will the Bowler of the Year be a popularity contest? Which would that mean that Lou would win WITHOUT a title? Or would the sympathy vote go to PJ for being the worst 3 time winner? Or does Mike Ritti deserve it with his three wins with a major, or point leader Reinfart or Mr. Smooth, who has won 3 times, or the Wizzard of Waz with his three wins?

So lots at stake in the next 2 weeks, should be fun.

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  1. If we all vote for Justine than that would also make her the first BBT Woman Bowler of The Year!


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