Monday, March 30, 2009

Thunder from Down Under wins PBA Long Island Open

Jason Belmonte Wins PBA Long Island Open in 1st TV Appearance
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All of the hype and all of the publicity for Jason Belmonte looks like it was warranted as he won his first PBA tournament in only his 9th try and first TV appearance.

Now I have never seen him bowl before, but I of course have heard about the 2 handed delivery, but I guess you have to see it to believe it. He almost throws as much ball as me.

What was amazing yesterday is not only did he win, yes he got a huge break when Bill O'Neil left a ringin' 10 in the 10th, but that he was using a PLASTIC BALL on the right lane and a regular ball on the left lane.

Except for a few light hits and an almost 8-10, he high flushed each shot on the right lane and the pins just exploded off the deck…and on the left lane, he was playing way inside and demolished the rack constantly.

Plus, he sure seemed like a nice "mate", (as they say in Australia for those of you who have not been there), gracious in winning and actually had a personality on the lanes…what a pleasure.

Congrats to Jason Belmonte…let's hope he can put some personality and "fire" back into the PBA, it sorely needs it.

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