Sunday, March 15, 2009

Summer Doubles Sign-Up

Summer Doubles Update

The Summer Doubles league starts in less than 2 months and we need to begin getting confirms on who is definitely returning.  Last summer, all 24 teams said they were returning and it is now time to confirm

We have lots of interest from new teams, so please try and let me know as soon as possible by emailing me or posting a comment here.  

Once again, last years teams have first dibbs on getting a team in this great league. 


  1. Just wondering if the bowling police are going to stop the Juniors from
    bowling in the doubles league. Or is that different because the police want it to be? Correct me if I am wrong, but you do get paid cash for that unsanctioned league as well. Just not in as quick a fashion as the BBT.

  2. Wazy,

    I believe since it's unsanctioned it's slightly less illegal, therefore allowed...unless the rules change again

  3. The BBT is unsanctioned too. Waz is's whether the police want to stop it or not.

  4. Hey myself and Mike Stile will be back again.


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