Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday Madness

Tommy R Wins the battle at Oil Express
(River Rand Bowl)

I guess when you throw more ball than 99% of the humans on earth...you can conquer any lane condition and last night, Tommy R...did just that winning 4 out of 5 doubles pots. The scores were super close with 525 the winning score and 518 5th, with 523, 522 and 519 in the middle. Great shooting Tommy.

The shot was easier than last Monday, but still not easy. The big crankers shot ok but the straight shooters didn't fare tall too well. George Revs Jr. shot 150/160 the first 2 games and had a series of 528...ouch...when was the last time that happened? Bill Swit did not light them up either.

The US Cellular salesman, who is definitely a cranker, shot 272 the last game...spare, 9 bagger, 3 pin count...9 all day; nice...but it was plenty to win 3 pots.

Otherwise, a decent night, a few laughs, Dave Geuder shot like crap again, Lou shot like crap again and Mark Kraut shot 126/245/180...nice and consistent.

Here are the pot winners:

Handicap King Score
US Cellular Man 291
Roger Nagel 281
Pete Solt 244
Scratch King
US Cellular Man 272
Rob D 209
US Cellular Man/Reemer 525
Charlie F/Rob D 523
Reemer/Dave Geuder 522
Reemer/Bill K 519
Reemer/Pete Solt 518
Mike Freese 14
3rd Scratch
US Cellular Man 272
Maxi-Pad 225


  1. Please stop your damn whining!!! The plain and simple fact that the ball hooks means there is
    not an overload of oil. With my bad knee I was able to throw well, I didn't swing it a ton so there goes that theory of the straight shooters not throwing well. The straightest shooter of all tied for a doubles victory, imagine that.
    The fact your team and you blow right now is because you blow. Who the hell wants an easy shot anyway? If you want an easy shot put the damn bumpers up and shut up. Hey Craig, leave it the way it is right now, any tougher and we may lose a team. Or maybe toughen it up so we don't have to listen to this crap anymore.

  2. That would really blow if you guys lose another team. It really isn't a league anymore anyways. It's just an organized pot game with plenty of sandbagging.

  3. Listen you fat ass, I didn't say the lanes blew. I said there was oil...so want don't you scoop up some of that oil on Wednesday and lube up your rather substantial tush and stick your fat head up it.

    Reinfart too...

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! The sweet sounds of Spring are here!

  5. LOU,
    I really wish that once, just once, you would actually read what people write. It isn't that difficult. No one said that you said the lanes blew. I said you guys blow. Good comment though, it really got no point across. READ THE WORDS THAT ARE WRITTEN Spartacus.

  6. Wazy, next time you post a comment...I will read every word 10 times since your words of wisdom are so very powerful...as powerful as a 90 year old women's fart.

  7. Lou,

    I didn't think you were 90 yet, but have witnessed your farts.

  8. This exchange of words brings me back to my childhood. Listening to my sisters fight over anything they could pick on each other about. For no particular reason, just because. "STOP ALL THE FIGHTING GIRLS, RIGHT NOW"! I MEAN IT! DON'T YOU MAKE ME GET MY BELT OUT!

  9. Don't spank Lou with the belt...he doesn't like any "man touching". Waz on the other hand may really like the spanking with the belt concept.

  10. I think a boxing match would be very entertaining between our "Feisty" President and "Very Naughty" Vice President! Powder Puff gloves, nad protectors and head gear of course. Maybe we could get Marilyn to referee the match. We could charge for the event and all the proceeds could go towards the Wednesday night league prize fund.


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