Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday Madness

Oil Spill

Today's quiz...


What does an Oil Spill and the shot at River Rand Bowl have in common?



The shot on Monday was so bad...that if you didn't know better, you would have thought that Doug, after an all nighter, poured a gallon of popcorn oil into the lane machine and then did the lanes.

The shot sucked again...I mean SUCKED...throw the ball out, 3 pin count, pull a hair left, split or Brooklyn...now I am bowling very poorly lately, but I used ever ball I own and the same result.

Come on Craig...what the F?

Pot Update

Scores were of course low and the pot scores showed it. Check out the King of the Hill Handicap, 239, 238, 237 were 1,2 and 3.

How did George Revs Jr. shoot 277 on that shot?

Handicap King Score
Frankie 239
John Minelli 238
Joel Nagel 237

Scratch King
Frankie 223
Seizure 202

Henry/Missing Linker 538
Henry/Will 526
Missing Linker/Sal 516
Missing Linker/Jack King 514
Rob D/Henry 511

Frankie 14+

3rd Scratch
George Revs Jr. 277
Frankie 223


  1. Will you shut the f_ck up about the shot? It is not that hard and it all comes down to being able to hit your line consistently.

    This is much better than the routine doubles scores of 560+ every Wednesday night.

    Quit being a douche and learn how to adjust.

  2. Listen you baldheaded Anu$, you are a lefty, and you shot on a different pair...

    Adjust this \ /

  3. Lou...my commment has nothing to do with being lefty or shooting on a different pair. Frankly, neither matters.

    One would think that the 1973 NCAA champ would know how to make an ADJUSTMENT to the conditions of the lane.

    Either that or you could go to your locker and grab another ball that was manufactured in the 1970's.

    Now go suck on those bald nuts you walking p_nis.

  4. Rob, you bald headed idiot...THERE WAS NO SHOT ON THE PAIR...The only person that shot a decent game was Henry, a lefty...

    Shows you what you know about things...

  5. I've bowled at River Rand for about 15 years, and as long as I can remember the topic has always been about the shot there. When I've spoken to other bowlers from other houses they've talked about how tough the shot can be or what they've heard about how tough it is. There has always been one constant at River Rand as long as the Kouris family has owned it, that the shot is the one thing that is not. You learn to accept the challenge and you also learn to bring more than one ball or it's gonna be a long night.

  6. Lou, enough about the fuking shot. Quit your bitching and think about practicing or taking a lesson. Also quit thinking about changing balls every 4 frames and jumping two arrows left or right at the same time. Those aren't considered adjustments, those are random acts of desperation. Try hitting a fuking target. If you miss your mark, it is a bad shot. If you hit your mark adjust accordingly. It isn't rocket science. Think about the equipment you are also using. One of your balls is as old as 90 percent of the BBT members.

    It's amazing that you are the ONLY person/team bitching. The doubles pot was over $800. The doubles pot was rarely over that when there where 16 teams, and it was a popular pot back then. People don't like to see doubles scores being 570 or 605 or whatever phone numbers have been posted.

    When the shot is tough you have to man up. Don't quit so easily like a bitch. It takes a little effort. You can't just go up there and throw the ball. An easy wall shot isn't a sport or a game, all you have to do is go thru the motions. Now that the shot is tougher you actually have to use your brain and physical ability.

  7. Easy for you to say...you don't bowl on Monday. My game is messed up and the current shot does not help my confidence. My tendinitis is back, I am bowling in pain again and my timing is horrible.

    I cant' throw the ball harder than 13.9...don't think I can beat anyone and am not having any fun.

    Wednesday, during the BBT I felt like I was 85 years old...that is just how it is and my opinion of the shot is my opinion.

    Like they say, when it is your ball, you can do what you want.


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