Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday Madness - Henry W. Sweeps Doubles with 299 with Cap

Henry and Tommy Win Doubles with 562

The lanes didn't blow for a change and there were some decent scores Monday, but the moon must have been full as the idiots were out in force...primarily Mr. K.
In my day, unless you were a homo, you didn't touch other men...not there chest, there buttocks or any other part except for giving someone five. But there are several people in the league who just insist on way too much "man touching" for my taste. I don't want to use names, Craig, Wazy, Rob, ooops, but if I didn't know better...and you all weren't married...I would really start to wonder.

The one person in the league who is a professional "man toucher" doesn't touch anyone!!! So to all of you who are enamored with my buttocks...enough is enough...go in the men's room and relieve yourself of your man touching cravings.

On to more important things... Henry W had a big night shooting 267 in the second for a 299 with 'cap. Had a few shi!!y strikes in the game and man does that have have the moves on the lanes...pretty cool...good shooting Henry. Also, Butt Reamer, really shot great again last night. Big game in game 2 to win doubles and he left a M O N S T E R ringing 10 after a 5 bagger...but made the spare and had another double to finish well.

Otherwise, Pat King brought the biggest jar of Pretzels that I have ever seen...and they were good too, thanks Pat, Rob D is trying to grow a beard...will be doing a comb over when it gets long enough to cover that head of his. Dave Geuder was in Florida...nice...I bowled bad again, as my arm is hurting again...too much spanking? It is amazing to see grown men watch wrestling...amazing.

Thanks to Pat King for bringing in the biggest jar of pretzels I have seen...they were good...Rob D is growing a beard? Wonder if he will use it for a comb-over? Where was Reinfart last night? Washing the dogs? Tommy left early, had to go to work...? Otherwise, a normal night of Monday Madness.

Here are the pot winners:

Handicap King Score
Bobby Freese 242
Bill Swit 241
Mark Orlow 239
Scratch King
Frankie B 246
Mark Orlow 212
Henry/Reeeemer 561
Henry/Geoge G 550
Henry/Maxi-pad 541
Henry/Frankie 540
Henry/Us Cellular Man 540
Bill Swit 18+
3rd Scratch
Frankie B 246
George Revs Jr. 242


  1. First of all, don't let the fact that we are all married miss lead you, wink wink. Second, maybe we all have a fetish toward walking mops. I know Lease liked that one! And finally, your begining sentence should read, "the bowlers didn't blow for a change". Oh yeah,"he really has the moves on the lanes, pretty cool". What the hell kinda statement is that? Lou's closet door is slightly

  2. Wazy, there is no door ajar...your head might be ajar though. Henry has some good lane moves...sure beats yours...oh...you don't have any.

    I don't know who has better moves, Bill Switalski or you...or Maybe Kenny Gorman...or Shawn Blaha, or Mike Kasten or Joe Oberzut

    Just don't wear a pink shirt on Wednesday.

  3. There is just way too much s-xual tension between the two of you. The music stopped a long time ago, just get it over with already. I'm pretty sure if you wear that pink shirt, that should do it. There will be no way he'll be able to control himself!!!!!!!

  4. Lou's last comment swings the closet door open even further. He doesn't like man touching but he obviously likes MANWATCHING. Beware all of you who have "good lane moves", someones watching you.


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