Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday Madness 3.9.09

What is going on? Did River Rand Bowl turn into a torture chamber? The lanes suck…Do they have Andy Granatelli doing the lanes with STP? (That's showing my age).

Monday, the scores were so low that 6 won instant clean and 516/502 and 488 won handicap doubles. Handicap King was 231 and King Scratch was 225. Now the big guns on Bowlers ER were in Las Vegas but still.

I don't know who is more retarded…Craig K or Lease. Get some fire water in both of them and it is a toss-up. And Butt Reeeeemer was missing last night and it was still insane.

The King Brothers/Missing Linker/Gimena lost all 7… a first this year?

Come on Craig, put a shot that is hittable and stop saying the lane machine needs a new part…

Here are the pot winners last night:

Handicap King
Steve Turk
Jimmy S
Bobby Freese/F. Ramirez
Scratch King
George Revs Jr.
Pete S/Freddie R
Henry/Pete S
Saffold/B Schultz


Bill Swit


3rd Scratch
George Revs Jr.


  1. Pull up your panties ya big wuss!!! Wha Wha Wha the shot is too hard! The machine has been fixed for a few weeks now and the shot is great. No more wall-baby shots for those of you who are mentally and or physically challenged. Scores are finally where they should be. "Craig, put up a shot that is hittable". The last time I looked, it is against USBC rules to allow the bumpers to be up during league play. So scores are low if you have to throw 25-30 pins over average to win a pot. Must make sense in Lou's world. Throw the damn ball ya big douche!!

  2. Maybe your pair was decent, but did you see the scores on our pair. They were horrible. The shot sucks, and you suck. Just because you shot 225 doesn't make you an authority on bowling, big f'ing deal. Jerry Calvaca shot 224..you huge anus.

  3. So let me get this straight. Those of us who shoot well suck, but those of us who back up a 396 with a 441 on different pairs, well, let's just blame that on the alley. Rob Freese shot well on your pair, he must suck too. Maybe , just maybe, your scores were horrible because you bowled horribly. Maybe you can't adjust, maybe you don't have enough ball for the house. Or again, maybe, just maybe, you are the one who sucks. shall we all take a vote on that one?

  4. So Maybe I do suck. But I know when a lane condition is bad. Even a Matza would know that. Let's just hope I face you tonight in the BBT...you will then see who suck....beee-atch...

  5. This is to good to pass up. NEW IDEA for BBT Format. The "YOU SUCK CHALLENGE FORMAT"! Each bowler chooses a bowler he would most like to "BITCH SLAP" on the lanes and bowls him or her in a three game set.

  6. I was told by a very reliable source that the machine needed some new brushes and that they were replaced. The machine settings just need to be reset so that the machine lays down an even pattern.

  7. Poor misguided Lou. It is kinda obvious that you don't know when a lane condition is bad. Also kinda obvious by your comment you are not as smart as a Matza, for Jeff bowled in the 400's like yourself and did not blame the lane condition. About facing me in the BBT, who cares, I just hope you break 500 so at least you'll stay and bowl.

  8. Ok you big cow...even if I shoot another 396 series, I will stay so that I can pound the Pi$$ out of you!!

  9. Nice self confidence. Most people would never acknowledge the fact that they shot one 396 let alone state that if they shoot another one they would stay. How come I don't see your picture on the right? Would that be from all the times you didn't pound the pi$$ me?


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