Friday, March 13, 2009

League Round-up

Pete Solt Shoots 299 and Mike Ritti has the first 10

Big scores on Wednesday, but the pots were back to normal scoring at least when compared to the norm.

Mike Ritti had the first 10 strikes and then really pulled his crank, leaving a 3 4 6 7 that is spanking the monkey.

Pete Solt on the other hand had the first 11 and then threw a decent looking shot and left a 3/4 hit 10 pin. It could have carried. This was Pete's, who bowls in our Monday League, 3rd 10 pin for a 299. Someday soon Pete...

Pot Update:

Bill Switalski won king of the hill for the first time ever on Wednesday...that is hard to believe as he has been in the league for 25 years...Bet he is under water in that pot...

Here are the scores:

Handicap King Score
Bill Switalski 268
Steve Kosinski 241
Art Preus 234
Scratch King
Woodie 225
Howard Berger/Mike Laxon 553
Rob and PJ 521
Matt Koljack 7
3rd Scratch
Jim LaCroix 255
Pins Over
Pete Solt 178
Steve Kosinski 123
Strike Pot
Jim LaCroix 3
High Game of Night Handicap
Chris Matza 268
Todd Cohen 259
Chris Matza 258

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  1. Notice anything strange about most of the guys that had high scores on wednesday? (Except for Jim, Todd & Woodie)


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