Thursday, February 12, 2009

Woody Shoot 290

Woodie shoot 290 - Wins King

Good guy Woodie shot 290 last night in game 3 to win King and high game of the night and 3rd scratch and King I think he had a good night.

Now he did throw 2 out of three strikes in the 10th on the "ovaries" but who is counting...

Great shooting Woodward...Here are the other winners:

Handicap King Score
Woodie 307
Howard Berger 255
Wally Papciak 249

Scratch King
Woodie 290
Kevin 227

? 510
Woodie/Delmonico 609

? 16

3rd Scratch
Woodie 290

Pins Over
PJ 82
Peter Solt 79

Strike Pot
Delmonico 6

High Game of Night Handicap
Woodie 307
Rich Peterson 297
Rob Forshall 278

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