Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wazy's Rant

WHAT THE HELL IS WITH all the lottery's being held at River Rand? Oops, I meant raffles, sorry. I am ok with running a raffle to boost a prize fund for a tourney at River Rand. Who knows, with a bigger prize fund it may draw more interest to that tourney. That also means more bar and food sales, that's a good thing. But when you run these lottery's, sorry again, raffles, for ones own personal gain, that is where I don't agree. The "juniors" are running a lotte, caught myself that time, raffle, to help pay some of the expenses for a bowler going to a tournament elsewhere. Since when did it become an accepted practice to run a raffle, got it that time, for helping pay someones expenses. Maybe I am old school or was just brought up with good moral standards, but if I can't afford to do something, guess what, I didn't do it. I would work some extra hours or do side jobs to earn the money. Now the bowler in question is a great kid, don't get me wrong. He is an awesome bowler and oh yeah, a college graduate. By the way, when do they stop being called "juniors" anyway. If sponsoring this bowler does any good for River Rand monitarilly, please let me know how. Hey, I have 2 teams going to nationals in a couple of weeks, actually named after River Rand Bowl. Maybe we should run a raffle!! Like I said before, I am old school and refuse to take advantage of Craig's good nature to allow us to do stuff like this. So I guess you won't see me doing a raffle.

If anybody has any questions feel free to strike up a conversation with me. You know where I bowl, just make it between frames.

That's all I got for now,


  1. Actually I think the idea of a raffle for Vegas would be a great idea. The majority of the bowlers would understand...we are taking their money for booze and women, can't fault us there. Welcome to tonight 90/10 raffle, for $1 you get 100 tickets...tonight's prize...a BIG STUFFED ANIMAL!!! (no, not Delmonico)

  2. PJ.....I thought you didn't have to pay for it, but I'll give you a couple bucks if you come back with a great story! Hey, I've been called worse and that's Mr.Delmonico to you.


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