Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday Madness - Frankie B is the man

Frankie Joins 100 pin Club - Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins

Well, Frankie B just joined the 100 pin club Monday, shooting 168 the first game and then 278 the second game...according to my calculations that is 110 pins better than the first game and his timing couldn't be any better as he swept the doubles pot, cashing in 5 places!!

Mark Kraut and I shot 494 and thought we had a chance as most of the scores were low around us but Frankenstein, shoots 278, had the first 9 and really spanked it...leaving a 6-10...but did he care, no...he had a bunch of partners who shot good enough and he went to the pay window 5 times!!!

Here are the pot winners:

Handicap King Score
Bill Switalski 269
Ken Geuder 268
Craik Kouros 230
Scratch King
Wazy 207
George Revs Jr. 203
Frankie B/Maxi-pad 551
Frankie B/Henry 538
Frankie B/Wazy 534
Frankie B/James 523
Frankie B/J Matza 517
Wazy 20
3rd Scratch
Maxi-pad 245
Illegal Alien 228

George Revs Jr. seems to win something every single week...you would think he is on steriods except that he is about 120 lbs. Just a great bowler.

Bill Swit, nice to see him win a decent pot, winning handicap king...poor Kenny Geuder...268 with cap and comes in second by 1 pin...ouch...King Scratch goes to Wazy after Lou V spanked the crank in the 10th...again...Wazy wins instant and Maxi-pad wins 3rd scratch, with the Illegal Alien, coming in second. Wins enough to go to dinner at Taco Bell Monday Night.

Otherwise, Lou and the Leisure Suits are on fire...shot great last night, won 7 points and will face Bill Swit and George Revs Jr. next week for a first place showdown.

No Wii Bowling for Lou last night as he was manstrating and went home early after a disappointing gag in the 10th frame in the last game..

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  1. New Survey Lou! Who is the Men's Midol "Master Manstrater" of the year?


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