Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday Madness for 2.9.09

I think if you tried to explain to a co-worker or a friend who doesn't bowl on Monday at River Rand Bowl, what goes on on a typical Monday, you just couldn't .

How would you explain the Matza's? The Kings? Goofy Craig, (after a few), Reeeeemers team? The other knuckleheads. How many times is Fuc_ said on Monday in total? How many drinks are consumed? Who would understand?

We have such an unusual collection of of ages, incomes, classes and certainly IQ's (Matza's) that all have just a great time together each and every week. From degenerates, to business people, to ex-police officers to stock brokers to tradesmen, we have it all.

Granted some weeks are not a rip roaring great time, but I have to say that I truly, truly look forward to going to River Rand Bowl every Monday and Wednesday...the times and tomorrows memories are priceless.

Pot Winners - Dave Geuder is on fire...he had the first 10 in the 2nd game...every ball was pounded up the As_...and then...he got distracted and threw the ball way...way...way too slow leaving a 6/10...great game Dave, 288...And he won doubles again...After several years of blowing...Dave is making up for lost time this year, for sure.

BAB - Black Al Brown (he told me to say BAB)...rode on Daves coat tails shooting only 224 scratch, with a million pins of handicap...????$!@#$!@#$!# to share the doubles win.

Again, big scores in the last game with SkinHead Rob shooting 268 to edge out the Machine, George Revs 268 to 265 to win 3rd game scratch, Lou V, spanked his monkey, missing an easy spare in the 17th frame to allow teammate Mark Kraut to win instant clean, the missing Linker finally cashed...it has been a while, here are the scores:

Handicap King Score
George Revs Jr. 284
Missing Linker 261
Wazy 251

Scratch King
George Revs Jr. 265
Wazy 238

Dave Geuder/Al Brown 559
Dave Mroz/Rick Lococco-Puff 536
Dave Geuder/Lou V 529

Mark Kraut 17

3rd Scratch
Baldie Rob 268
George Revs Jr. 265

Wii - Uncle Lou did not partake in the Wii, Wii this week...as his tired old bones were creaking...but they played...No Butt Reeeeemer...he had the flu and left early...after 15 trips to the can...his butt was not reeming but surely screaming...!!

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