Monday, February 2, 2009

Lesbians on the PBA Tour

Commentary from the Blogmaster

As stated last week, the PBA Tour is losing much of its' appeal for me with the same people getting on the show every week, the boring matches and now the lesbians.

Does anybody want to watch Shannon the Manon (she could be Steve Battersbys brother) and the he/she Liz Johnson on television?

The PBA should ban all of the ugly women bowlers and lesbians and from entering the they do a sex check? (I got a feeling there may be a few surprises down there).

Hard to believe that that Shannon isn't a guy and Liz Johnson, her name has to be shortened from Larry? It just has to be...

Where are the hot chicks? Where is Racktastic Diandra, where is Clara?

Does golf have that many lezbo players? I don't watch so I don't know, but come on PBA smarten up and do like the airlines used to do...only good looking chicks can apply...get rid of the skanks, fatties, lezbo's and most of all...Tish Johnson and Michelle Feldman...ugggghhh!#$$!@


  1. Wasn't Larry Johnson black and didn't he play for the Charlotte Hornets?

  2. I agree, Get rid of the skanks, lezbo's & fatties!!!!!!!!!!


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