Sunday, February 15, 2009

John Nolen wins USBC Master - Camera work blows.

John Nolen Wins USBC Masters
Once again the PBA shows that it is a 3rd rate organization. Every time the bowler on the right lane threw the ball, his shot was blocked by his body and you couldn’t see the pin fall as the bower was in the way.
Come on ESPNdidn’t you block the shots out before the telecast started…what a joke….I can just see the PGA Masters in Augusta blocking the putts on the 18th green every shot, showing the back of each golfer. The PBA should be embarrassed...
Game one, Tommy Jones shot ok but Wiseman carried much better and spanked his monkey
Game 2, both bowlers had an open and then had identical counts in each frame up to the 7th. Steve Harman leaves a ringing 10 in the 7th to take the lead by 1 pin…made the spare. In the 8th, Harman leaves another ringing 10 and spares. Wiseman changes ball, leaves a ringing 10 in the 8th, really a good match. It is even going into the 9th.
Wiseman up first in the 9th, pounds the hole for a strike. Up steps Harman, really spanks his monkey hard…pulling the ball, leaving a 6/10…what a gag. Makes the spare is down 2. In the 10th throws what he said the worst shot of the week…leaving a 2 7…he just fell apart…misses the spare and he will remember that gag for a while.
Before the final match starts…what is Carmen Salvino doing in the audience every week? They don’t even mention him…what’s that about? Also, they look like they are bowling in a giant warehouse…couldn’t they do something about the lighting?
Championship Match
Wiseman versus John Nolen…what a pleasure to see a New face in the title match. John Nolen lead qualifying and then won every 3 game match he bowled…that is 18 games of match play. Quiet impressive.
After 2 shots…Nolen looks very comfortable. Wiseman starts with a 3 bagger, Nolen doubles in the 3rd, goes high in the 4th with a 3/6/10 and spares. In the 4th Wiseman leaves a soft 10 giving Nolen an early break, makes the spare. In the 5th, Wiseman playing the 10th board, leaves a 4 pin, spare.
Nolen up in the 5th is down 11 pins, strikes and can now cut the lead to 1 pin with a strike in the 6th and he pounds the hole…booom….booom, down 1 pin
Wiseman on a spare shooting in the 6th leaves another ringing 10, on a decent shot, spares to make it even. In the 7th Danny blows the rack and leaves a blow-out 7-10…ouch.
Now what kind of stones does Nolen have…steps up in the 7th on a double, pounds the hole, leaves a ringing 10, nails the spare and leads by 12. 8th frame, Nolen leaves 4 6 10…not good, picks up 2 and gives Wiseman a 2 pin lead in the 8th.
8th frame for Wiseman…up 2 pins, on open…leaves a 2 8 10, holy cow…Nolen up 9 pins. 9th frame, Wiseman nails the hole setting up the 10th.
Nolen in the 9th, boom…clutch city…needs a double an 2 pins to beat Wiseman…10th frame leaves a 2 pin, gives Wiseman a chance makes spare, count is big here, fill ball in the 10th, boom…
Wiseman needs a double now to win and a tie is possible. Throws the ball, viewers can’t see the shot because the of horrible camera angle, so you don’t know what happened……but the replay showed it to be a bad shot, it was light, almost leaving a mixing 8/10.
Nolen is the USBC Master Champion, 2 year exemption and, $60,000 payday.

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