Friday, February 13, 2009

Andy Loose finishes 66th in USBC Masters, Paul Bober 98th (click here for standings)

How cool is this...both Andy and Paul make the cut in the 2009 USBC Masters in Las Vegas. The 115 bowlers that made the first cut were vying for 63 match play spots. Andy bowled great in the squad, but fell just short from moving on to match play, missing the cut by only 10 pins, finishing in 66th place...ouch, ouch, ouch....

It must be the great competition from the BBT that has prepared Andy and Paul well for this experience. Paul finished in 98th place missing match play by only 81 I would say that you guys had a GREAT TRIP.

All of us at lousbowlingblog and BBT members were following you guys via and we are very proud of both of you.

Now the bad are banned from further BBT that you are big time...if you want to still bowl, you will have to accept -20 handicap and bowl left handed with one eye closed and on one foot.

Just kidding....welcome home.


  1. Was gonna write a rant after someone told me that bowling the BBT hurts your game. I was told that the Juniors were slipping because they bowl the BBT and should be practicing instead. I've watched these kids bowl and they all got game. They know how to make shots. The difference between practice and bowling the BBT is you now have to make those shots under different conditions and pressures. No doubt in my mind that the BBT strenghtens your game, no doubt at all. The showing by these 2 guys at the Masters
    does nothing but validate my thoughts. I have seen both of them shoot great and shoot like crap on the BBT. Learn from mistakes, learn different conditions, lane and mental. It's all good. I am actually a little proud to know both Andy and Paul. Great guys and great bowlers as well. Great shooting guys, strike that, awesome shooting. PJ owes each of you an ice-cream when you get back.

  2. Nicely said Waz...Great shooting guys. I look forward to seeing you at the BBT soon.

    Also, who wants to tell Lou that it is 2009. Did anyone else notice that we are about to leave for the 2008 USBC's in Las Vegas?

    Just in case anyone forgot, 2008 was the year Lou's V_GINA hurt and he didn't come to New Mexico with us.

  3. Rob,

    Even nicer said about v-gina boy.At least this year his mommy will be there to comfort him.

  4. Andy and Paul, great, great shooting...I am sure it was a great experience to shoot so well against the world's best bowlers.

    Now I am sure that you won't be bowling the BBT anymore not that you are big we will miss you both.

    However if you want to step down to our level and praise us with your presence, be prepared for -20 pins of handicap...

    Just kidding...we are proud of you both.


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