Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wazy's Rants' Returns!!!

People keep on asking when the next rant is coming out. Well, this one goes out to James Saffold and the other popcorn loving people.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG with the popcorn maker?? The past couple of weeks, the before mentioned Saffold has asked me to rant on the lack of popcorn being served at the bar. I myself only noticed it the past couple of days, but Jim must really love his popcorn for he came up on Wed. night to see if we got some or if the Mon. night guys just got jaked.

I have layed off the heavy issues surrounding our center due to requests from a couple of people who just want things to settle down. Things have gotten better, Craig has offered up some serious incentives for us to grow our league. Just think, if the leagues grow, maybe we'll see more help around the center. The key to keeping the leagues growing is to give them great bar and counter service. Not to mention the awesome stuff Craig has offered to us. Thanks a ton to Craig...Now fix the damn popcorn machine before Jim throws a bitch fit!!!

That's all I got,

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