Wednesday, January 28, 2009

USBC Tournament 4 weeks away!!

Bally's Here We Come

In four weeks, we are off to Las Vegas and the USBC I am not that excited about the USBC Bowling part, since I can't shoot very well on a "tough" condition...but I am looking forward to my 46th trip to Las Vegas and the Manly bonding that takes place in that town.

We are staying at Bally's, a Harrah's property, since we got a big discount as one of the attendee's is a frequent customer of Harrah's locally...and we used my frequent loser card for a minor discount on a third room. Bally's is a decent place, nice rooms, great location, a bunch of places to eat, a big, big casino, a lively lounge in the middle of the casino, is right across the street from the Bellagio and is within walking distance of everything.
The group we have going is pretty diverse...2 55+ year old men, 2 40+ men and the rest in there 20's. We have some pretty good gamblers, (at least in their own minds) and a few good drinkers...should be very interesting.

My predictions:
  1. Rob D will get arrested for starting a fight
  2. Rob D will be broke after the first night
  3. Rob D will talk so much we will want to kill him
  4. Dennis will slap his thighs, let's see...9 games, 90 frames...hmm...lots of oil on the lanes, at least 30 soft 10 30 thigh slaps.
  5. PJ will have lots of "company"
  6. Mike R will drink his first drink ever
  7. Dennis will snore
  8. Quiet Steve T will go nuts there
  9. Wazy will win big on a slot machine
  10. Lou will win the slot tournament - and get a blister on his finger
  11. Lou will drink 100 beers in 4 days
  12. Rob will drink 200 beers in 4 days
  13. Mike R will spend all of his spare time in the sports book
  14. Dennis will drink lots of White Creme de' menthe to "settle his stomach"!
  15. PJ will have lots of company...oh I already said that...
  16. Reinfart will win big at blackjack
Time will tell which predictions come true...but one this is for sure..."What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and an interesting time will be had. Can't wait.

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  1. Hard to believe that Ritti has never had an alcoholic beverage. Maybe someone can get him to try a slippery nipple or a fuzzy navel!


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