Friday, January 2, 2009

Top lousbowlingblog stories of 2008

Lousbowlingblog Top stories of 2008
· PJ wins first BBT Title – He was quoted as saying “It’s not for the money…it is for the respect”
· Woodie shoots 300 in league
· Reinfart shoots 300 and an 805 series
· Reinfart shoots 1201 at 40 framer in New Mexico
· Reinfart shoots another 300 3/5/08
· Cesar beats Dee in BBT final
· Delmonico shoots 300 in his Friday league
· Mike Ritti wins Spring Major
· Power to Spare wins Wednesday League
· Frankie B wins Tournament of Champions, Mike Ritti 2nd
· Bowlers ER wins Monday League
· Rob D BBT Bowler of the Year with 5 titles, 3 2nd’s 3 thirds and 1 4th
· River Rand gets new lanes
· Had a great Summer Doubles League
· Tommy Smith finishes 11th in Junior Team USA Finals
· Reinfart finally wins a BBT title 8/20/08
· Paul Bober shoots 300 and 802 in BBT 9/10/08
· PJ goes back to back wins 2 BBT titles in October 2008
· Justine makes BBT history, becoming the first woman champion

Wazy shoots 300 in BBT
· Wazy and Dan win first BBT Doubles Tournament
· “Righty” Todd shoots 300 in league on Wednesday.
· Mike Ritti wins Thanksgiving Classic
· Sarah Levin becomes the 2nd woman to win a BBT Title

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