Monday, January 19, 2009

The PBA Really Blows

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I have been watching the PBA on Bowling for almost 40 years and I have to say, they really have wrecked bowling on TV. As columnist Kevin Reinfart from Kev's Korner said earlier, the PBA telecasts are so boring you can fall asleep watching most weeks. Here is why:

  1. The Lezbo's/Skanks have to go. After watching the men bowl, who wants to see a bunch of broads bowl? After the men destroy what is left of a very difficult shot to begin with, they throw the "women" on the pair and they can barely hit a deuce. Yesterday, after watching Wes Malot throw a ton, they put Wendy McPherson and Stefanie Nation (nice hair do, what did she miss her wakeup call and roll out of bed and run to the bowling center, that hair and that make-up or I should say what make-up) on a very difficult shot and throw the ball like crap…what did McPherson have 20 revs? The match was so boring, that I thought I would die. And then Randy and Rob Stone so blew the call on the six count…they didn't know the match was over after the first ball for a few moments…they should have been saying, "oh my god…she got six…she lost!@$!@#$!@$" or something like that, instead, they sat their dumfounded. What a joke.
  2. The exempt tour has to go. I don't want to see the same 20 bowlers week after week. The best shows are when there is a new comer who you know is not going to beat Walter Ray Williams, but we root for them anyway. How many times do we have to see Patrick Allen against Wes Malot? Or Chris Barnes versus Norm Duke…PBA…are you listening?
  3. Why put such hard conditions on the lanes? For TV, people don't want to see pros bowl as bad as they do in league, they expect to see big scores. Putting tough conditions out there to "test" their shot making ability, what a joke…1 percent of the viewing audience know what they are talking about. Plus, you can't see shot making of bowling. In golf, you can see shot making, in bowling you can't. We want to see strikes and big scores
  4. Randy, Randy, Randy, layout, ball surface…shut up already…who cares…this isn't an instructional video…this is supposed to be entertainment…do you realize that only about .05% of the viewing audience knows what you are talking about?
  5. As much as I hated Dave Ryan as Randy's partner, I wanted to like Rob Stone, but in his second year, he is so inconsistent, and obviously has no clue about bowling…why can't they get back Marshall Holman or Bo Burton?
  6. Can you believe how bad the lighting was at the National Bowling Stadium last week…looked like they hired a local high school drama teacher to do the lighting.

Like Newspapers and Nad Hair on Young Men, the PBA will soon be sad.

Word of note - The PBA Web site can no longer be reached with Firefox...who developed with site? Dave Ryan or maybe Rob Stone...

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