Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday Madness - WTF Shoots 1348 to Clinch Monday 2nd Third

WTF (What the F-c-) Runs Away with the 2nd Third

Last week I half kidding said that WTF blows, I mean their talent pool is a bit on the shallow side, but after last nights pounding by WTF, Lou and the Leisure Suits were sent to the cleaners...done, over, adios, so long, see you in the wind, etc.

Lou and the Leisure Suits needed to beat WTF all 3 games and then beat them all three games again in position round in 2 weeks...we started off well but then lost game 2 and got demolished in game three as WTF shot 1348. With handicap Pat King shot 266, Mark 254, missing Linker 261, Jack King 268 and Gimena 299...what the fu_k was that? We got hit by an atomic bomb.

So I take back my comment that they blow...they are a really fun team to bowl against, a lot of laughs, great sports and a team that has great chemistry with each other. Great going guys...but you still blow.

The doubles pot continues to increase each week. In tough times people go for broke I guess and the scores were high and super close. Wazy won with Jeff Matza and came in second with Frankenstein, Frankie and Matza missed by 5 pins and J Matza and the Missing Linker came in 4th, 10 pins out.

Mark Orlow continued his winning ways winning King Handicap and Scratch, George Revs wins 3rd scratch and Maxi-pad is back, winning instant clean.


Handicap King Score
Mark Orlow 231
Frankenstein 226
Chris Matza 219

Scratch King
Mark Orlow 209
Frankenstein 205

Wazy/J Matza 540
Wazy/Frankenstein 539
Frankenstein/J Matza 535
J Matza/Missing Linker 530
Maxi-Pad 11+

3rd Scratch
George Revs 237
Saffold/Ryan 215

Otherwise, very lively night, lots of laughs, lots of drinking, lots of swearing...you know, bowling in a league is like belonging to a "Cheap" (real cheap) Country Club, (River Rand Royal Estates Country Club...yeah that sounds nice) you share a similar activity with a bunch of good guys, play a game you all like, gamble, drink, have a nice dinner (if you count "Chile" and Potato skins as dinner) and can relax after a "round" at the bar with the 5 big screen TV's, and yet it only costs $23.00 per night and no initiation fee. I figure that I have saved over $2,000,000 in the last 40 years of league bowling, if not more.

Wii Bowling again
Last night Lou V. blew on the lanes but dominated in Wii bowling, winning 3 of four matches and high/low doubles each time. The only time he lost, he needed a 3 bagger in the 10th and got the first 2 and left a 6/10. Bowling lefty, seems to be the answer on the Wii...Jim, B Reeemer, Wazy and Reinfart tried to compete.

Lots of laughs...thanks to Craig for bringing the Wii to the bar...the lunacy continues next Monday.


  1. Monday night was a lot of fun and that’s a great part of our team chemistry is always having fun. We shot over 1100 scratch and just 2 mistakes putting us away from hitting 1200 scratch. IT was a great time bowling the Lou and the Leisure Suits and look forward in bowling them in position round. Best of luck to all in the third.

  2. Thanks Tommy, you guys are the best...no kidding.

  3. It was great bowling Lou and the suits we have a blast bowling you guys. But the main thing about this league is all the team are GREAT and we have fun bowling them win or lose. WTF will have another King join the team My older Brother John who also is Jacks dad. My brother Eds hand is doing better and will return at the start of the 3rd 3rd


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