Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday Madness 1.5.09 - Wii Bowling and the dominance of WTF

After 40 years of bowling I have to admit that you see lots of stuff.  Good games, great series, weird shots, crazy pin fall, a fight or 2, lots of beer drank and other stuff, but when was the last time you saw a team that has 1 good bowler, 1 decent bowler, 1 1/2 decent bowler and 2 guys who blow totally dominate a league? 
Well on Monday the King family, Linker and Gimena of team WTF are so completely dominating the league that it is almost a joke.  After 8 weeks of the 2nd 3rd, they have won 52 points.  Lou and the Leisure Suits are 2nd with 39 points.  That is a lead of 13 points, meaning they have lost 2 games in 8 weeks.  Holy Shi_!!  Now I can see it if they were a decent team...but they blow, now they are great guys but 2 loses in 8 weeks from a team with that kind of talent...WTF?
Other than that, pretty normal night with some good scores.  Doubles was the biggest in a long time with B. Reeemer paying out 4 spots, Roger Nagle won King Handicap, nice to see that, Mark Kraut, my team mate is on the biggest run of monkey spanking I have seen in years.  He has missed spares in the 10th 3 of the last 5 weeks to cost him big $$.  Last night, he was on a 5 bagger, leaves a stone 8 and misses it and loses King by 10 pins..what a douche. 
Here are the pot winners:
Handicap King
Roger Nagle
Bruce Linker
Mark Monkey Spanker
Scratch King
J Beck
Chris Matza/Bruce Linker
Linker/Illegal Mexican
Dave Geuder/Jeff Matza
B. Reeemer
3rd Scratch
Illegal Mexican
Will Clark
Wii Bowling - Almost as fun as the real thing...
After bowling, we headed to the bar and master computer genius, Reinfart had all of the regulars plus myself set up with our own characters for Wii Bowling.  Now I just played my first game on Sunday and it is a blast…I can see why the system is a rage.
We had B Reeemer, Reinfart, Wazy, James and myself.  All of the characters were very realistic, except no pink shirt for James and my hair was a bit too grey, but Reeemer’s character was right on, Wazy’s was a bit too skinny, but good and Reinfarts showed an emaciated, pale, baldie…that was an exact replica of him. 
We played 4 games then I left and If I know those guys, they didn’t leave before 2:00am.  Make that 3:00am.  and maybe 4:00am...will let you know...the Madness continues next Monday.


  1. WTF is a great team we have lots of fun and guys have been working very hard on achieving the great success and luck that we have established. Hopefully we can finish strong and repeat a championship year like we did in 06. Thanks for noticing.

  2. There is no question...it is a great bunch of guys...we bowl against you next week...be prepared for some fun...

  3. Thats why WTF is in the leage. We just like getting out of the house and have some fun. Monday night mens leage needs more teams like ours. Not the best bowlers but a well mix.


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