Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Madness - 1.19.09

Monday Madness
Well, the big day is here...the Inauguration of the savior...the world as we know it will change forever at 11:00am Central time when the "changemeister" Barack Hussein Obama becomes President.

I must be missing something....but what are all of those douche bags doing in Washington D.C.? Can you imagine trying to drop a deuce with 2 million people competing for the porta-potty? Come on, what is that about? I wouldn't stand in a crowd of 2 million people to witness the return of Jesus Christ...or see Sissy Spacek nude, you have got to be kidding...I wish I had the "Depends" concession there.

Oh well, back to the real reason we have this thing...

Monday, was sort of a boring night...Lou and the Leisure Suits got pounded by Wazy's "Jeff Pants" team. I have to tell you, Jeff Matza is one annoying person...I bowled on Jeffs' team for several years and I used to be able to tune him out...but he is truly, truly, truly a douche bag...try to listen to his nonsense for three hours. I don't think a complete sentence comes out of his pie hole. And if he wasn't semi-retarded, you would punch the shi* out of him.

Wazy shot well, lots of taps...Rob D, is pretty annoying also, the more he drinks, the more he talks...he may talk more than Kasten...if that is possible. (Not that is not possible)..,

I have designed a new bowling ball, the Obama, 'bomba", guaranteed to change your game...it is available for $999.99, inserts and drilling not included.

The King family, finally lost..they lost 2 games last night...they were missing Gimena but another yet another King Brother showed up...there are 9 of them...wonder if there are any Queens in the family...get it? And I am not talking about James...

Wii (get it?) had 6 guys bowling Wii last night...shot Baker Format doubles...kind of blew...got stuck with Rob, first time player and I really sucked...lost my "look" from the left side and didn't' do any better righty...I blow.

Pot Winners:

Handicap King Score
Joel Nagle 229
Peter Solt 229
Bill Switalski 221

Scratch King
Maxi Pad 253
Waz 247

Rick Lococco-Puff/England 571
Rick Lococco-Puff/M /Saffold 547
Rick Lococco-Puff/M Orlow 516

Maxi Pad 30

3rd Scratch
John King 256
Maxi Pad 253

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  1. Fantasy league bowlers, just a reminder to those of you that have not been paying any attention. Not that it merits any. You only get a bowler for 8 weeks and all of us are probably over the limit. You have until Wednesday at noon to make changes for the next tournament.


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