Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Danimal shoots 792 with a 300!!

Dan Luncsford Shoots 300/792 Wednesday

Now I realize that Dan Luncsford is a good bowler, but last night he showed just how good he is shooting 300 the first game and finishing with a 792 series. Wow...the shot on Wednesday is not that easy and he obviously pounded the pee out of the pins. That will be a new saying .."pounded the pee out of the pins". Great bowling Dan.

Otherwise another fun night at the ole' bowling center. Great King of the Hill with Handicap as Gary Benjamin just edged out Rob D (who spanked it good in the 10th, leaving a "5" pin) and Alan Weisman by 2 and 5 pins respectively, Rob D had the first 7 and won the strike pot, King Scratch went to Dan L with Rob missing that pot by 2 pins also and Pins over went to Gary Benjamin with 141 and Rob D with 94.

High Game of the Night went to Kevin P with 283 with handicap and 2nd went to Rob...that 5 pin cost him lots of dough, but since his wrist has been so bad (from a monkey spanking injury), he should be thrilled to be back.

Here are the scores:

Handicap King Score
Gary Benjamin 278
Rob Deignan 276
Alan Weisman 273

Scratch King
Dan Luncsford 257
Rob Deignan 255
Tittie 204

Barry Harris 30

3rd Scratch
Dan Luncsford 257

Pins Over
Gary Benjamin 141
Rob Deignan 94

Strike Pot
Rob Deignan 7

High Game of Night Handicap
Kevin Peterson 283
Rob Deignan 276

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