Friday, December 19, 2008

WHAT THE HELL IS WITH the blog comment board? I am just as gulity as the next guy, or girl. The blogmaster himself loves to fuel debates and loves for us all to get involved, and that is what happened again. And yet again it is all misinformation or lack of sharing info that screwed us up once again. Dee is a very defensive woman and being Italian , she has some "maple moxy" thank you Randy Pederson and sometimes that gets taken the wrong way. There are times when we all can get under each others skin and again this was one of those times. We all want what is good for RRB and what is good for our own individual needs or wants. Personal attacks on the blog should be stopped. Besides, CZR scares the crap out of me! Dee showed me what she is made of when she called me to talk about this situation, I showing what I am made of by calling her back. Granted we aren't the best of buddies, but a measure of respect to one another has been acheived. This is not the type of RANT we have come to know but it should help us as we move on.

Now WHAT THE HELL IS WITH the flippin hair color and shirt color of Instant Results?? I wonder if Elton John is their sponsor.

That's all I got,


  1. Wazy, nice words...but you are still fat. There an insult without creating world war III.

    Yeah, Nick Kurz, pink shirt, way too small without a manzier...ouch...



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