Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our fine Governor

A Great Day for Illinois Politics

Yes I realize that this is a bowling blog...but this story is too good to pass up. I am so sick of all of the Illinois Politicians doing whatever they for friends, contracts for buddies, sweet heart zoning deals, b.s. real estate deals, awarding "consulting" contracts to their White Collar friends, putting every member of their family on the government payroll for today and tomorrow as they all get a juicy pension for life...nice gig, do nothing Monday through Friday get paid and then get paid from 55 to death for doing nothing.

As a matter of fact, don't you wonder why Obama spent $17.5 million dollars to become a U.S. Senator for a $169,300 a year job? Well, is for the "fringe" benefits...and I don't mean medical and dental.

But yesterdays story about Blago trying to sell a Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder, trying to get a Tribune Editorial writer fired by withholding State assistance to broker the sale of Wrigley Field, holding up a contractor of the tollway for a $500,000 contribution and hitting up the CEO of Childrens Memorial Hospital for a $50,000 contribution for $8,000,000 in medicade reimbursement...and this is just stuff from the last 2 months...THIS IS JUST UNBELIEVABLE.

What do you think this nit-wit has been doing since 2003? How much money have they stolen...and remember, this money comes from US!!! Real Estate, Income, Sales, Transactions, Auto License taxes.

And which Senator wannabees were in on the discussions of pay for seat politics...why didn't they call the FBI? Let me tell you...the S.H.I.* is going to hit the fan in this State as Governor Hair- Do will squeal and every politician is Illinois should be scared shi*-less.

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  1. Welcome to Chicago/Illinois politics. Why do you think our vote doesn't count? National election is always going to end up Democrat anyways. Local elections, you are just voting for the lesser criminal, if possible.

    Have you noticed how much Daley has cleaned up his act in recent months? I think someone may have given him a last warning, because he has been an angel recently. Guess no one gave Blo-yourself the same warning.


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