Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday Madness - Mike Freese sweeps doubles

Mike Freese shoots 276 Sweeps doubles

Since Mike moved to the other end of the metropolitan area...meaning almost Iowa, he does not bowl every week like last year, but last night he made the most of it shooting 276 in the second game to sweep doubles in the Monday Men's National League at River Rand Bowl Monday Night.

Mike Started with a double, threw an ass ball for a 6 spare and then pounded the hole for the next 9 to shoot 276. Dave Geuder has the worst luck of anyone I have seen in a long time. He shoots 271 with and still loses to GiMena who seems to really turn it on in the second game, (bagger?) and shot 281 with for a 601 doubles score beating Geuder by 10 pins. Ouch...that blew.

Dave and Gimena came in second and father and Son Dave and Kenny came in third with a score that wins every week, 546.

Here were the other pots:

Handicap King Score
George Revs Jr 240
Mike Freese 210
George S 209

Scratch King
Maxi-Pad 221
George Revs Jr 243

Mike Freese/Gimena 601
Mike Freese/Dave Geuder 590
Mike Freese/Ken Geuder 546

Jeff Matza 18

3rd Scratch
Jim Bloomquist 231

Maxi-Pad continues his weekly cashing and Jeff Matza performed a miracle winning instant clean. And of course George Revs Jr. continues to win each and every week.

Except for the 2nd game, scores were very low again Monday. The lanes really blow. Craig should have left the wood lanes in. Except for the fact that every ball in the house would be ruined with nail marks as the lanes could not take 1 more re-surfacing.

It was a pleasure to see the lovely and friendly and efficient Jody again last night. Such a breath of fresh air. What about the Christmas tree? It is in the way...maybe they should put it on the approach on 13 and 14.

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